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Vaultinn offers companies located in Pordenone, Friuli Venezia Giulia, and Triveneto the creation of social media videos: this is one of the core services aimed at growing a business or enhancing a brand.

The videos published on social networks are a medium with very high potential that requires professional skills. However, the risks are very high. Let's, therefore, get inspired by a famous slogan: Power is nothing without control.

Our proven experience and dynamism are characterizing traits of our company.

We are committed to making social media videos as effective as possible. We employ a highly specialized staff and have the equipment (hardware and software) to meet each customer's needs.

Realization of Social Media Videos: types and pricing.

As for any other service offered, we do not have pre-packaged estimates, and any economic evaluation comes from a dialogue with our customers. Each work carried out depends on analysis results to optimize the relationship between our customers' budget and profit.

Making social media videos satisfies a wide variety of requests and needs. Each platform requires products structured according to size, duration, and specific characteristics. For example, the format of an Instagram story and that used to create a Facebook video are very different.

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Social Media Videos: How to Use Them Effectively.

Social media videos can be a great promotional tool.
It is necessary conbining a series of professional strategies to make the most of them.
At Vaultinn, we make them all available to our customers.

On the one hand, there is research work by those involved in analyzing the market and identifying the most captivating marketing strategies. On the other hand, some deal with video production.
Making high-performance social media videos may not be enough to achieve the necessary purpose.

Each post and video published on social networks features coverage that can be more or less low. Large platforms often penalize commercial brands without a strategy. Here's why Vaultinn offers its customers another service: social media marketing.

The coordination work between those involved in the creation of social media videos and those involved in setting up effective social campaigns will help to give life to a project able to satisfy our partners' business needs.

Watch our customers' Social Media Videos.

The creation of social media videos is an example of our ability to exploit networking in our activities through the professionalism of our staff. This network includes the customer, who has his fundamental role and whose will remains the way to follow. Contact us or come and visit us: we will be able to offer you the solution that best suits your needs.


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