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Google ADS in Pordenone

Google Ads is one of those systems that allows you to appear in a Google search before the others, guaranteeing great chances of success

Google Ads is intended for anyone with a budget to spend on a marketing campaign. It differs from SEO since it does not aim to gain positions among the top results of a search engine but uses the investment capacity by creating real ads.
The goal is to create advertisements that, on the Google home, rank above the results of the traditional search (the SERP). Vaultinn offers companies in Pordenone, Friuli Venezia, and Triveneto the opportunity to increase their business through the Google Ads service.

Google platform is a valuable tool when used with the right strategies.

Our experienced staff can identify the best strategy for those who choose to trust us.

What is Google Ads?

By definition, it is software that allows you to create marketing campaigns and represents a system for making highly effective announcements on Google"

What is Google Ads used for, and what are the benefits?

Google Ads is a service that can also bring benefits to companies in Pordenone, Friuli Venezia Giulia, and in the Triveneto region, regardless of the potential users to which it is addressed. Targeting is part of the work that Vaultinn's experts do. Google Ads allows you to associate paid ads to specific keywords.

However, investing in one word may be far less profitable than in another.
There may be search keys widely used and scarcely subject to investment. The cost varies based on the number of clicks on the ad.

Placing an ad on a very 'sponsored' word is equivalent to paying much more than one that few have bet on, and maybe it will bring the same inducement.

Google Ads Pordenone: advertising on the Google search network.

To identify the investments in line with your budget, we collaborate with professionals able to evaluate the best possible channeling of resources. It is always necessary to identify the competitors, the possibility of using the effective keywords, and organize the budget to be invested appropriately.

Advertising on Google Shopping for eCommerce.

Google Ads is useful for companies to make themselves known. The operating principle concerning the generic search network can be extended to more specific company branches. Those who has an e-commerce can take advantage of the same strategic line for Google Shopping. Google offers the possibility of directly accessing links aimed at selling an item.

Video advertising on Youtube (the new TV!)

Google Ads is the platform that manages YouTube ads. Currently, the visibility that such a platform can be considered higher than that of any other mass media. No newspaper or television channel can offer the same visibility as a commercial shown thousands of times before a video from an influencer who enjoys millions of subscribers on his account. Therefore, defining Youtube as the new could be an understatement.

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