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The Italian innovative
Digital Factory.

We support Brands with highly innovative professional solutions conceived and implemented in a flexible logic. We apply the principles of Made in Italy to the video and digital world: maximum customization supported by precise and high production standards to guarantee times and effectiveness even in terms of customer service.

We create and develop communication experiences that capture and raise the audience's awareness.

Through strategies based on data analysis, we reach your online audience by creating the content that your customers seek and love

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Why choose Vaultinn.

Why choose Vaultinn.

We are a Digital Factory configured to respond to the most specific and evolved needs of medium-large companies, organizations, and communication agencies: we are supported by a network of specialized and qualified collaborators, an integrated and synergistic working methodology.

We are a reality that stands out for its efficiency, diligence, timing, and quality, ensuring our customers some products and reliable and concrete services, and guaranteed results.
The scientific method we apply has always supported our every decision and direction of a project, perfected thanks to the creative, artistic, and technological component that characterizes our team.

We are a reality that stands out for its efficiency, diligence, timing, and quality, ensuring our customers some products and reliable and concrete services, and guaranteed results.

The scientific method we apply has always supported our every decision and direction of a project, perfected thanks to the creative, artistic, and technological component that characterizes our team.

We use the latest generation tools and equipment. We seek innovation in the digital market by focusing above all on the skills of our team. We put the customer at the center of our projects.

Advantages for Brands.

Vaultinn Video
  • Turnkey solutions or video service
  • Tailor-made services for the professional world
  • Fast and guaranteed delivery
  • High production standards on processes
  • Original and custom content, without technical limits of resources
  • Internal professionals and skilled collaborators
  • Set up spaces and proprietary equipment, ready for use
  • Video data-driven & performance-oriented
  • Budget-friendly
  • We reach you everywhere, in Italy and abroad, and we manage multiple sets at the same time
Vaultinn Digital
  • Data-driven strategies and management with advanced analysis tools
  • Continuous updating of the staff and software used
  • Young, qualified, and skilled team
  • Support to video division for content declination and online distribution
  • Real-time creativity development and management in campaigns
  • Configuration of web platforms, tools, marketing automation, and bots
  • Fully custom web and digital marketing projects
  • Management of campaigns or positioning activities even in international markets
  • Internal staff and skilled Partners located all over the world
  • Audits and periodic comparisons with the customer


We aim to become the leading company in the production and supply of corporate and social videos for medium-large companies in the country, the reference outsourcing in Digital Marketing services, the most innovative, the most precise, and the most competent:

That listens and perceives the needs of the client

Which develops together with its Partners a long-term business with customer service as a strength beyond quality and production efficiency

An Italian technological center of excellence, where ideas are born and take shape


Born to be digital is not enough:

constant updating of personnel with training and certification programs

careful work organization and projects personalization

proximity to the industrial market thanks to trade associations

the mutual exchange of knowledge and skills with partners

structural investments

continuous improvement and technological growth

these are the objectives that we have set and daily pursue with determination.

How do we work.

At Vaultinn, we believe that every project is successful if the customer's experience can meet the needs and expectations of collaboration between different realities: we believe everything starts from the careful collection of information, from the objectives to be achieved, and from the analysis of the company resources to then, once the proposal presented has been studied, developed and accepted, materialize in the structuring of operational processes and regular exchange to facilitate and manage everyone's work in the best possible way.
The data we collect and analyze is monitored throughout the collaboration phase to take targeted actions aimed at maximizing results.

We take care of everything: our organization supports all bureaucratic and administrative burdens useful for the activities, possible transfers, and transport of products to be taken back, informing the customer about the times and spaces subject to intervention, and management of operational reports on the work done.

We ensure our structure, partners, and the commissioned projects with a specific policy aimed at protecting itself and the customers in case of damage during the performance of the activities, even at third-party offices. A coverage limit of € 1,000,000.00 is currently active.

How do we work.




We are constantly looking for high-tech, cutting-edge solutions that make our services and products unique.



Close to the customers' real needs, we study and develop tailored projects that fully fit the reference market of the product or company that chooses to rely on us.



Each action aims at growth, professional development through careful enhancement of people, daily attention to the quality of work, and human relationships.



We listen to and analyze our customers' needs to satisfy them all. We respect the commitments made, and we devolve in compliance with the set goals.



The study, support, and market analysis allow obtaining a perfect harmony and alignment with what turns out to be the project needs, adhering to rigorous principles of ethics, professional correctness, and loyalty.

Ethical code

The principles and guidelines that we execute and carry forward in Vaultinn are the basis of all our actions, projects, initiatives, and decisions: the confidentiality of the projects and of the entrepreneur and the Client company, the strict compliance with the law, the safeguarding of interests of business partners - financial and production, the customer as our priority and the protection of the workers who make up our team

Each value represented is better delineated and contained in the Vaultinn Code of Ethics, desired and integrated to improve the quality and competitiveness of our company, thus allowing promote one's growth in harmony.


The naming

The Vaultinn naming comes from 2 keywords:
  • Vault, or keystone;
  • Inn is used to abbreviate the word innovative, the main feature of our Company.

Brand development.

Our logo is inspired by the videogame Fall-Out where technology and engineering are represented by a symbol of an 8-tooth gear. The latter, present in fiction and the futuristic world designed for players, represents the technological secret for the humans of the virtual society, able to develop highly complex artifacts. At the same time, in the futuristic and post-apocalyptic landscape shown in the video game, the "Vault" is the last hope of the human species forced to take refuge in these "crypts", whose entrance is represented by an armored gear with the characteristics described above.

The stylized "V" inserted within the trademark instead recalls the initial letter of the chosen naming; the final letters "N" of the name represents the business model chosen and undertaken by us at Vaultinn.

Choice of colors.


It is the business color par excellence because it was the color of the police originally. It conveys safety, trust, and professionalism. It is relaxing and positive


It is the authoritative color of the referees, and as such, it reveals balance and impartiality. It was wanted and declined with the silver tone, transmitting a more elegant effect, which can better represent and express us.


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